5 Reasons To Tint Your Business Windows

Window Tint should be Installed in Every Business


There are many benefits of business window tint, also known as solar window film, which is applied to the interior surface of your businesss windows. Installing business window tint is not done for a decorative motive, like it is with decorative window film.The primary purpose of solar window film is to deflect the direct sunlight. There are a number of reasons that you might want to do this.

Protect The Health And Comfort Of Your Eployees Make Your Business More Attractive

Excessive exposure to Florida’s harsh direct sunlight is just plain bad for you. It can cause deterioration of the skin which leads to premature aging and premature crow’s feet. It can also cause dry skin which involves itchiness and rashes, not to mention the increased chance of skin cancer.  Florida’s strong ultraviolet rays also affect your furniture and interior décor causing fading and deterioration of furniture, carpet and flooring and your computers and electronics.

Business window tint blocks 99% of the ultraviolet light produced by Florida’s powerful sunshine that can cause such damage. It is a good idea to control your business’s interior exposure to sun as much as possible, there-by protecting your furniture, computers, electronics and interior decorum. Protect your business from the Florida sun’s vicious ultraviolet rays

The primary purpose of solar window film is not a decorative function, while it does make your business look better from the outside. Curb appeal is important to most businessowners.

Business window tint will block or obscure the view of the things that are inside the business from the outside (depending on its reflectivity). Solar window film comes in many colors and shades as well so you can chose the right accent to complement your business's style and your taste.

Business window tint has a life span of about fifteen years, and the payback period of only 2-3 years, business window tint should definitely be considered as the first step to improving privacy, your health, and energy conservation.

Guard Your Privacy Protect The Interior Of Your Business

Privacy is important, but why would you want to keep your shades pulled down all the time? Business window tint ensures that privacy during the day and it doesn't block your view of the world! Solar window film permits natural sunlight to brighten the interior of your business while blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays of Florida’s harsh direct sunlight.

Solar window film comes in many different types. If you want to protect the privacy inside your business, choose a tint with a higher reflective rate. That way, you can see out but you can't see in during the day.

Florida’s powerful direct sunshine bears directly into your business and is phenomenal for fading carpet, drapes, and furniture. The heat from it can also damage computers, electronics and digital items and cause wood to warp.

In addition to its blocking powerful ultraviolet rays, solar window film can passively reflect and absorb up to 70% of incoming solar heat which keeps it from entering the business there-by assisting in keeping cooling costs down during the high heat of Florida’s summer. Don't put up with damage from "natural elements" inside your business. Protect your company possessions, keep them in excellent shape and make them last years longer.

Conserve Energy  

Do utility bills burn your shorts? Ever notice power companies get constant rate increases while doing little to nothing to improve the power grid infrastructure? Solar window film decreases the heat that comes in from the outside which make it easier and cheaper to keep your business cool in the summer. Commercial window tint also has an insulating effect that will help keep the heat in the business during the winter, which will drastically decrease your electrical bill helping to lower the amount of the check you write each month for your electricity.


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