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American Window Tinting Is Hard At It Again!


American Window Tinting, in Jacksonville, FL, has been hard at work doing quality window tinting jobs.  We use only the best window tint on the market. We use Suntek's Carbon XP and Suntek's Carbon window tint.

American Window Tinting in Jacksonville, FL, providing all your Home, Office & Automobile tinting needs. Give us a call at 904-525-5652 to learn more about our high quality window tint!

We use Suntek Carbon Film

Car Window Tinting

American Window Tinting tinted this beautiful 2013 Mercedes E350 in Suntek's Carbon XP 18%. Suntek's Carbon XP window tint is a nano–hybrid window tint that blocks the infrared spectrum that keeps the car 60% cooler which is very, very high compared to other standard died tints. 

Car Window Tint

American Window Tint also stripped and removed the old window tint off of this 2014 Acura TL and replaced it with Suntek's Carbon XP window tint. Stripping old tint of a 2014 car? Why would we do that?  Because not every window tint shop uses a high-quality films like Suntek's Carbon XP, they use cheap died films and do not care about quality.  This customer brought their car to our facility and was very upset because after only three months of having their car windows tinted, the film was turning purple and was fading very badly.  They took it back to the window tint shop that originally performed the window tinting job since it had a "lifetime" warranty. Informed that it did indeed have a lifetime warranty, however the lifetime warranty did not include fading, so it was not a true lifetime warranty film-So where's the warranty? Many "lifetime warranty" tint jobs do not include fading, which is its biggest problem.  Suntek's Carbon XP & Carbon films include fading. American Window Tinting has been using Suntek film's since 2005 and we have not had one single warranty issue.

Come check out the only 5 Star Window Tint Bay in Jacksonville!

5 Star Window Tint Shop
Car Window Tint

American Window Tinting tinted a brand new 2014 GMC Sierra's front two windows to match the factory tint on the rear of the truck. Suntek's Carbon XP film is an excellent match for tinting the front two windows on a truck or SUV. 

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Car Window Tint

American window tinting also tinted this beautiful 2014 Ford Mustang. Since we are in Jacksonville Florida, we went with Suntek's carbon XP film for the added reduced heat reduction.

Car Window Tint

American Window Tinting tinted this awesome 2014 Ford F350. Our client brought his vehicle straight from the dealership for us to tint the F350 because the heat was just too much coming through the front windows. Although the AC was on the heat is still unbearable coming through the front windows in the vehicle never completely cools and your AC must run on high. Once you tint your vehicle you will no longer have this heat blaring through the vehicles windows and you can turn the AC on low the save on the additional gas costs.

Window Tinting done right. Our computer generated designs are cut on a plotter so we can never score or damage your windows or seals. The one piece film will fit your ride like a fine leather glove. We also do clear shield bumper and grill bug screens. Come see for yourself why we were voted #1 in Jacksonville.

Win a 46 inch LED Flat Screen TV

We were voted #1 in Jacksonville, FL.

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