Custom Speaker Enclosures Fabricated In-House
Date: Monday, June 17, 2013 @ 00:15:00 EDT
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Custom Speaker Enclosures Fabricated In-House
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Come hear the differences and learn what is what in car audio.
Custom Speaker Enclosures Hertz Speakers

Computer Generated and Tested Designs

Audio Designs & Custom Graphics has been in business since 1998, designing and building all types of car audio stereo systems.  We use only quality lines, where we know the product will long out live the warranty that is provided.  

We carry many different brands of car audio stereo speakers from 1" tweeters to 7x10's, we carry them all.  We also carry Beyma mids and highs, which are very high end midrange and Pro Audio speakers.
Come check out our new fully stocked display board, which includes over 26 radio's and 18 sets of speakers.  Come hear the differences and learn what is what in car audio.

Custome Speaker Enclosures

Audio Designs & Custom Graphics currently built a killer sounding stereo system in a 2010 Nissan Maxima.  We used all Hertz Audio equipment, which is an extremely nice line without outrageous pricing.

Hertz Speaker Systems

Audio Designs & Custom Graphics built a custom enclosure and a custom amp rack, including flushing the amplifier in the trunk of the car.  We've been building Car Audio systems in cars since the early 1990's and all of our installers have many, many years of experience.  Some of our installers have more experience alone than entire shops have all their employees combined! 

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We will customize your ride and make it uniquely yours
It took Audio Designs & Custom Graphics one full day to install the system in this Maxima, including the custom build!!!  We added Hertz Energy components in the front doors and front dash.  We installed Hertz Dieci coaxil's in the rear doors and added a Hertz energy single 10" sub in the trunk for bass.  Audio Designs & Custom Graphics built the enclosure with a "Q" of 0.707, which is a very flat response for Sound Quality.  When we build our enclosures, we only use a minimum of 3/4" MDF, with a very precise table saw. Our computer computer generated designs look at the response of our enclosures to ensure you recieve the highest quality responses. 

Computer generated and tested designs. Precision Fabrication In House

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Speaker Enclosures

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Custom Speaker Enclosures Fabricated In-House

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